• Pollo Milanese
    Chicken escallop in bread crumb served with Chips
  • Pollo Funghi
    £ 15.90
    Chicken in cream and white wine sauce and mushroom served with Sautéed Potato
  • Branzino
    Pan fried sea bass served with baked rosemary potatoes & salad
  • Filetto Di Salmone
    £ 16.50
    Grilled salmon marinated with herbs served with cherry tomato & salad
  • Saltimbocca alla Romana
    Scaloppine with Parma ham, cooked in white wine, butter and fresh sage and served with mixed vegetables
  • Fritto Italiano
    Fried squid, King Prawns and Zucchine
  • Costolette Di Agnello
    £ 17.50
    Grilled lamb chop served with seasonal vegetables & mint sauce
  • Vitello alla Milanese
    Veal in breadcrumb served with spaghetti bolognese
  • Entrecote
    Ribeye Steak served with mixed salad and and french fries 
  • Mixed Fish’s Grill
    Grilled Salmon, seabass, king prawns and calamari served with mixed salad 
  • Mixed Meat’s Grill
    Lamb Chop, pork chop, ribeye and chicken with sauteed potatoes and salad 

*All Prices are inclusive of VAT. A 10% discretionary gratuity will be added to your final bill. Please inform a member of staff If you are allergic to any foods or have special dietary requirements.